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Membership Benefits of AASA & ACA
Random Start Order For U14, U16 – Whitepaper
CGL Insurance Deductible Policy – 2024 Notice to Membership,
Safe Sport Fees Policy – 2024 Notice to Membership,
Concussion Policy, , ,
AASA Concussion Medical Evaluation Form
Safe sport Reporting flowchart
Safe sport checklist clubs
FIS Council Meeting Minuets October 2023
Phil McNichol- Foundational Ski Skill Development 2023-2024
2023-2024 Coaches Meeting Slides
2023-2024 Provincial Competition Rulebook (PCR), , , ,
2023-2024 Directors and Officers Insurance Quick Sheet
2023-2024 SAIP Insurance Quick Sheet
2023-2024 CGL Insurance Quick Sheet
Nakiska Alpine U12 Coach
Skimeisters Alpine Racing Club Floater Coach Position
Nakiska Alpine U14 Coach
2023 AASA AGM Draft Meeting Minutes
2023 AASA AGM Agenda
AASA Financial Statements June 2023
Race Entry Administrator – Alpine Canada
2023-24 AASA Fee Structure
2023-2024 Alberta Alpine Membership Registration Refund Policy
2023-2024 ACA Participant Registration Agreement and Waiver
Safe Sport: ITP Sports Membership Information
FIS Medical Evaluation Form
FIS Athlete Declaration Form
Division Upgrade Request- Club Use Only 2023/24
FIS Registration – Club Use Only 2023/24
SAIP Request – Club Use Only 2023/24
Digital Marketing Intern with Alpine Canada
Sunshine Speedsters & Sunshine Alpine Racers Program Director
Assistant Head Coach Parkland Ski Racers Club
Summary of Insurance 2022-2023
2024.25 AST Criteria
Terms of Reference Alberta Officials Chair, ,
AASA Race Levy Submission Document
3.9 Race Guidelines 2022_23
AB Skills Combine Presentation 2022_23
2022_23 Fall coaches Meeting Slides
Fluorinated Ski Wax Prohibition 2022_23
Cold Weather Policy & Helmet Memorandum 2022_23
Business Plan
2022 AGM Minutes
AASA Financial Statements June 2022
AGM Agenda : September 28, 2022
2021 AGM Minutes
AASA Nominating Committee Nominations
SAIP Quick FAQ 2022
U16 Series Points Women 2022
U16 Series points Men 2022
3.9 Race Policies & Procedures
Zone 4 Registration Category Abbreviation Chart
CWSAA Registration – Club Use Only
Zone 4 Registration Upload Spreadsheet
SAIP FAQ Quick Sheet
SAIP Decline Coverage Acknowledgement Form
Out Of Country Training Sanction Request Form – Mandatory
FIS Medical Evaluation Form
FIS Athlete Declaration (1st yrs only)
FIS Alpine Single Penalty Form
CSA Incident Report
SAIP Registration – Club Use Only
FIS Registration – Club Use Only
Club Contact Template – Club Use Only
CGL Request For Certificate Of Insurance
ACA Membership Registration Form
AASA Membership Fee Structure (updated June 24, 2020)
AASA Concussion Registration Form – MANDATORY FOR ALL ATHLETES
AASA Membership Fee Structure – Memo from Board of Directors
AASA Membership Fee Structure (updated July 6, 2022)
ACA Spring Meeting Slide Deck Day 3
ACA Spring Meeting Slide Deck Day 2
ACA Spring Meeting Slide Deck Day 1
2022-23 AASA Membership Fees
Executive Director – Lake Louise Athletic Development Association
Head Coach – Alberta Ski Team
Sporting Life Alberta U16 Series Points,
NGSL U12 Statement
Officials Code Of Conduct
Event Manual Final
Club Contact Information Template
Volunteer Registration Memo
Alberta Alpine Scholarship Form For Coaches 2020
Alberta Alpine Scholarship Form For Teachers 2020
U19 entry at U16 Provincial Series Memo 2017-18
U14 Start Order
NGSL U12 statement
Mandatory Face & Back Protection – May 2018
Junior Gate Statement U14
FIS Graduates Coaching Program
Computer Generated Draw at FIS Races
AB FIS Race Entry Procedure
AASA Setting Guidelines for 2022-2023
2019 Fall Coaches Meeting
U16 Fidelity Investments Series Points AB – Apr 18-16,
Regional Series Points,
MATRIX Western Canadian SX Series Points FINAL Mar-14-2016,
Alpine Insurance FIS AB Cup Series Points Women Feb-10-2016,
Alpine Insurance FIS AB Cup Series Points 2015-16-MEN Jan-25-16,
Alpine Insurance – Alberta Cup FIS Series Points 2017,
Alberta Alpine Regional Series Points Male-FINAL March-14-2016,
Alberta Alpine Regional Series Points Female FINAL-March-14-2016,
Alberta U16 Series Points 2017,
2017 Western Canadian SX Series Points Overall,
Sporting Life Alberta U16 Series Points,
Alberta Cup FIS Series Points 2019,
2020 Western Canadian SX Series Points Overall,
2020 Ski Cross Ladders by Number of Athletes,
Sporting Life Logo
Western Ski Cross Logo
Western Buick GMC
Alpine Insurance AIF Logo 2007
Alberta Alpine Wide
AASA 2017 Logo Sheet
Alberta Alpine Logo
SAM Package Alberta Alpine – Dec 2017
NGSL Race Notice Template
NGSL Budget Template
Live Timing Request Sheet
Incident Report
FIS Entry Form (Nov 2019)
FIS Budget Template
FIS AB Cup Race Notice Template
2020 Ski Cross Ladders by Number of Athletes
2019-2020 TD Calendar (Jan 6, 2020)
U16 Race Notice Template (Nov 2019)
U14 Start Order Memo
U14 Race Notice Template (Nov 2019)
U14 Junior Gate Statement
U14 & U16 Budget Template
Ski Cross Event Manual
Ski Cross Entry Form
Race Quality Report (March 2018)
CSA Risk Management Guide
Club Health Benefits Available- Request For Group Insurance Quotation
Certificate of Insurance Request Form
Alpine Race Official Education Path
Out of Country Training Request Form
Official Certification Program Enrollment Form
Emergency Action Plan Template
Job Fact sheet
Job Description Template
Human Resources Guide for Community Sport
HR File Checklist
Employment Agreement Template
Direct Deposit Authorization
Contractor Agreement Template
Timesheet Template
Salary & People Administration
Notice of Employee Hire, Change, Termination
Job Fact Sheet
Recognition of Seasonal Demands on Staff
Performance Review Appendix
Performance Review
Holidays Leaves & General Holidays
Officials Code of Conduct
Job Description for Key Club Volunteering Positions
Benefits Application for Permanent Staff
Administrative Assistance to Clubs
Volunteers Code Of conduct
3.11 Safety & Risk Management Updated 2022
Emergency Action Plan Template
CSA Ski Club Risk Management Manual (Feb 2015)
CSA Incident Report
CSA Critical Incident Management Protocol
Coaches Training Site Hazard Assessment Guide
3.10 Refunds
Athlete Code of conduct
3.8 Out of Category Competition
NorAm Team Selection Criteria (December 2020)
3.7 Limited Quota Competition 2022_2023
3.3 Complimentary Race Entries
Back & Face Protection Memorandum
ASC Donation Fund Package 1604-1703
ASXT Selection Criteria
Alberta Alpine Levy Submission Form
Long term Strategic Plan
1.4 Policy Documents
1.4a Organizational chart
1.1 Letter from the President
1.3 Values, Mission and Goals
1.2 Organizational History
AASA Exemption to Train Update
AASA COVID-19 update
Sports Participant COVID-19 Agreement
Return to Competition 2020
COVID-19 Protocol
Athlete Agreement – 2017
Single Penalty Form
NSS Standard & Application Process
Mandatory Face & Back Protection – May 2018
Emergency Consent
Whistle Blower
Staff and Volunteer Screening
Harassment Policy
Dispute Resolution
Business Code of Conduct
CSCF Terrain Park Usage
Coaching Code of Ethics
Records Retention
Nominating Policy
Members Code of Conduct
Helmet Use
Drug Free Sport
Directors Code of Conduct
Club Risk Assessment and Mitigation Checklist Tool
Canada COVID-19 Return to HP Sport Framework (May-2020)