AASA Concussion Policy – What to do if an athlete gets a concussion?

As part of a club’s annual registration process, all Alberta Alpine member athletes must sign off on the AASA Concussion Policy Consent Form (Concussion Acknowledgement Form). The next part of this process is what to do IF you get a concussion. Below are 4 quick steps, as part of the AASA Concussion Policy, that are to be followed by either the coach, parent or program director.

Concussion Policy Process:

If your child or athlete has a concussion (to be done by parent or coach);


Notify Alberta Alpine of athlete’s concussion – send email to memberservices@albertaalpine.ca

Info to include;

  • Date of incident
  • Full name
  • Club
  • Age Group
  • Name of Coach or Parent
  • Email of Coach or Parent


The athlete is put on the Concussion Protocol List – this list is sent to all ROC’s and athletes are NOT allowed to race until they’re removed.


Have athlete/parent take AASA Medical Evaluation Form to the doctor or hospital.


Once a doctor has signed the AASA Medical Evaluation Form, scan & email it to Alberta Alpine (Member Services) to have athlete removed from the Concussion Protocol List.