University Ski Racing

Alberta Alpine recognizes that a number of graduates from Alberta ski racing programs continue to ski competitively at the University and College level. In doing so, these senior athletes have committed to not only a post-secondary education but also the pursuit of elite athletics in our sport.

Congratulations to the following Alberta athletes currently active and racing for University Teams:

Athlete Name            Home Club          University Team

Hannah Melinchuk          Rabbit Hill                 Dartmouth University

Mia Henry                          Banff Alpine             Montana State University

Jeff Bell                              CARC                         Montana State University

Jocelyn McCarthy            Rabbit Hill                 Montana State University

Tony Naciuk                      CARC                          University of Alaska

Curtis McKillop                 Banff Alpine              University of Alaska

Rob Greig                          Team Panorama       University of New Mexico

Huston Philp                     Banff Alpine              University of Utah

Georgia Burgess               Banff Alpine             University of Alaska

Micheal Soetaert               Snow Valley              University of Alaska

Haley McKercher             Sunshine                   University of McGill


Hannah Melinchuk, AST Alumni now races for Darmouth College Ski Team