Thanks to the support of Fitterfirst the AB Alpine Photo Contest is back! Each week, a winning photo will be selected to win a great prize from FitterFirst

• Photos must be from the 2012-13 ski season. All ages, teams, levels, coaches, volunteers, etc are accepted.

• Please resize your images so that they are under 1MB

• Please identify: NAME & SKI CLUB OF RACE, LOCATION, DATE OF EVENT, NAME OF EVENT. If possible label the actual file of the photo as such.

• Submit to Carolyn Cavaliere by email to
Email submissions can’t exceed 3MB

• Winners will be announced in the AB Alpine newsletter 'Inside Track,' issued every Tuesday, and on the Facebook page of AB Alpine

• If your image is selected you must pick up your prize at the AB Alpine office

Weekly Winners:
Alberta Alpine will do its best to share the wealth and select a different winner each week. Good luck!