October 10, 2019

Edge Tuning – Working with Swix Diamond Stones

The Swix Diamond Stones were developed to work on your steel edges without compromising or harming your bases.  From the very beginning of steel edges stones of all types or varieties have been used to maintain, de-burr and/or sharpen.  Diamond stones are so important for your tuning kit since they really out perform a file.  I can usually keep my skis sharp and smooth with a stone for 2 to 3 training sessions before I file again.  The key points of using a diamond stone are:

  • Stones are used to soften a new edge to allow the file to bite more effectively
  • Stones are used to get rid of burrs caused by unavoidable rocks or debris on the slopes
  • Stones can harden a freshly filed ski thus making the edge more resilient (stay sharper longer)
  • Using your file alone to keep your edges sharp will only wear out the edge – use stones in a variety of grits to maintain

I will tell you what I feel is necessary in the next couple of paragraphs.  There are many stones in a Swix catalogue so let me just give you some solid advise if you are planning to purchase.

Swix Diamond Stone Breakdown

Swix has made purchasing our diamond stones very accessible by producing economy and race type stones.  In both categories they come in 70mm and 100mm.  So whats the difference?  

Economy Diamond Stone

These diamond stones are produced for the average skier who typically skis about 4 to 5 weekends a season; if this sounds like you then this is what you should be purchasing.  The quality of these stones is solid but the life is shortened by hardness of material, etc.  these stones would last a long time for the skier I have described above.  I usually suggest to this skier category to purchase a basic coarse and a basic fine economy diamond stone.

Pro Racing Diamond Stones

These diamond stones are designed by World Cup Technicians for race skis from Junior to FIS.  These stones can last for years if taken care of properly.  Pro Racing Diamond Stones come as 100 grit (extra coarse), 200 grit (coarse), 400 grit (medium coarse), 600 grit (fine) and 1000 grit (extra fine.)  If you train, race and free ski most of the season then these are the stones for you!

Size? 70mm vs 100mm

The size is only a matter of preference.  There is a cost difference but I should tell you in the Pro Racing Line I can’t say I’ve sold a lot of these.  For me the 100mm length is much more applicable to use with the side wall and base bevel guides.  Some coaches and techs like the 70mm for the start since they take up less room and are easy to freehand with.  It’s really a matter of choice!

Citrus Solvent!  You Need This!!!!

Ok so many times I’ve witnessed someone tuning their edges with a stone using water as the lubricant or cutting agent…..but its water!  You need some kind of oil and yes there is the old favourite 3 in 1 cutting fluid but that’s petrol based.  Swix “Citrus Solvent” is a citrus-base product with natural oil to clean the diamond stones and creating the most effective cutting lubricant for skis without harming your bases or your health! 

You can find the above products here: https://www.swixsport.com/en/wax/tools/edge-tuning/?page=1 and https://www.swixsport.com/en/wax/tools/edge-tuning/?page=2 and https://www.swixsport.com/en/wax/tools/base-cleaners/i74c-citrus–basecleaner-500mlc1/?code=7045951873702

Swix Stoning the Edges Video:





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