What is SAIP & who needs it?

SAIP stands for “Sport Accident Insurance Policy”

Alpine Canada, through their provincial member clubs, provides a number of Sport Accident Insurance Policy (SAIP) options for all its members, including athletes, coaches and general members.

All Alberta Alpine FIS athletes receive SAIP, as part of their annual National or International FIS License.

Highlights and requirements are listed below;

  1. SAIP Class 2 is required for all non-FIS athletes to participate in training and/or competition outside of North America. SAIP Class 2 is valid from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019, for a maximum 30 consecutive days at a time.
  2. SAIP Class 4 and 5 are required for non-FIS athletes to participate in USA competition. SAIP Class 4 is valid for a single 7 day trip to the US only. SAIP Class 5 is valid for a single 14 day trip.
    • Clubs may opt out of SAIP for training camps in the USA (for non-FIS athletes), but a waiver must be signed and submitted prior to the approval of any “Out of Sanction Training Requests”, including “Certificates of Insurance” for out of country training venues.
  3. Sport Accident Insurance Policy (SAIP) Pricing & Classes – see Membership Categories & Fees document
  4.  To Purchase SAIP:  Contact Jennifer Cliff at Member Services (memberservices@albertaalpine.ca) at least 2 weeks prior to trip. Club will be invoiced and purchaser will pay club directly.
  5. Information needed to apply
    • First & Last Name
    • Club Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Dates of Trip (from departure to arrival back in Canada)
    • Reason/Destination of Trip.

A “non-FIS athlete” is any Alberta Alpine member, who is not a FIS athlete. From Nancy Greene to Officials, including Parents & Coaches.