North Zone Chairs Update

Hi Everyone

Well, our first race of the season is now in the books this past weekend. The participation was great at the Rabbit Hill Open with 70 girls and close to 100 boys!

I would like to thank Rabbit Hill Resort the Rabbit Hill Race Club and all the volunteers who helped put on the two-day event. It was windy one but the event was a great success.

As with the start of the new race season underway, it also brings to a close the past year. The past season has brought AASA renewed energy with the new strategic plan and a new President (Rob) and Provincial Program Director (Gavin) to the forefront of AASA.

I hope some of you and your members had a chance to meet the guys this past weekend at Rabbit Hill.  Both of them are very supportive of our North Zone and truly believe in our success and growth.

Rob and Gavin both originally started their ski careers at smaller hills such as ours and understand the success and challenges we face. You will be seeing a lot of them at our North Zone events in 2019 and beyond.

The upcoming race season will be an exciting one with the CWG being held in Alberta this year. I hope you have the chance to take in some of the events (and not only skiing) if the opportunity arises.

A reminder that the next North Zone Chairs Meeting is scheduled for January 16th at 6:00 pm Boardroom 1, Percy Page Centre.

At this time I would like to wish all Clubs and their membership A Very Merry Christmas and Season Greetings and a Happy New Year!

Please have a safe and enjoyable time with friends and family and see you in the New Year.


Charles Gushaty

Alberta Alpine North Zone Chair
Alberta Alpine Ski Association