Calendar Update

Dear: AASA Members

RE: Calendar Update

As we continue to enjoy being outside skiing and training with friends, family, and teammates, the Province still struggles with the Covid-19 pandemic. This struggle will continue for some time to come as we all make the effort to beat this pandemic. AHS has been working long and hard at managing the pandemic here in Alberta. With that, they have had to implement several restrictions to help stop the spread of the virus. With these restrictions it has been impossible to have any racing or events in the province. This has also made it impossible to manage the Alpine Calendar that was created earlier this fall when the forecast looked better regarding the virus.

With the support of the Alberta Alpine Program Directors, AASA has made the decision to reset the calendar. We will remove the races that were scheduled and plan races as restrictions get lifted or revised. FIS races will remain on the FIS website calendar so we can protect those codexes and use them later in the season.

I would like to speak to the athletes of the province. Every one of you have been doing your part in helping to stop the spread of the virus. Although it may seem like you have been training with no future chance to race, this training will only make you all better racers. You will all get to compete in some way this season, whether it is in your club, zone, calendar event or head-to-head in a ski camp. All athletes, whether you are in FIS or U8, are on the same page and you will have the opportunity to compete against your peers in some fashion this season.

Alberta ski racers have been the luckiest athletes in Canada. You have been able to ski and train since the ski hills opened this fall and have continued to do so where other provinces have not. Ski hills are still not open in Ontario, major restrictions are in place in Quebec and even BC has found themselves not able to train due to travel restrictions earlier in the season.

So continue to have fun in one of the best sports in the world. The situation will improve if we all continue to do our part.

Please be safe.

Best regards,
Patrick Gillespie
President of Alberta Alpine Ski Association