Board of Directors Announcement

Re: Staffing Update

The Board of Alberta Alpine has reluctantly accepted Rob McCloskey’s resignation as President of the Association.

Rob has brought a renewed focus on the athletes within our organization. This will be his enduring legacy.

Over his two year tenure, he created the Alberta Ski Cross Team, created a significant partnership with the University of Calgary Dino’s, revamped our Alberta Ski Team and championed athletes at all levels to achieve their dreams.

These actions reflect the vision and values Rob crafted for our organization. These values, quoted in part below, will continue to guide the board as we navigate forward.

Alberta Alpine directly operates a number of provincial training groups with primary focus areas including high-performance athletic training, cohort building and group success. Alberta Alpine values academic development, advancement to higher level teams, coaching, professional life, and building skiers for life.

Our mission: to support Alberta athletes with customizable individual athlete plans and encourage them to develop their academic and professional skills.

Our mandate is not only to select the best athletes, but to lift cohorts together to greater success in sport and in life.

Our bar must be set high, and we must always strive to deliver athletes to the Canadian National Ski Teams. However, we also believe that our programs must build and deliver a system that elevates as many athletes to their individual goals as possible, and that every athlete who passes through our provincial programs are inspired and motivated to remain a part of our community for life.

We will miss Rob immeasurably.

On behalf of the entire board and ski community, let us wish him the very best in his career.


Alberta Alpine Executive