ASXT Coach Journal

Well, what an interesting start to our season! A lot of twists, turns, and unknowns. Trying to plan the 2020/2021 race season has been a moving target thanks to COVID-19. I have also been facing my own challenges due to my knee surgery in the summer. This is the first season in my career that I haven’t been able to join my team on the hill when the snow started to fly. I have to admit, it’s difficult to watch from the sidelines and I can’t wait to join you on the slopes.

That being said, we are very thankful to have Kya Fairley rejoin the group! Since Kya has been running the show on hill, with the assistance of Matt Carss, I have asked her to bring you all up to speed on what ASXT has been up to throughout the first part of our season. I hope you enjoy. Stay safe and be well.

-Jean-Marc Martel, ASXT Head Coach

It is so good to be back with my team! I coached the majority of these athletes 2 years ago and I am so excited to get to work with them again, especially after the longest amount of time any of us have been off snow. They are such a hard-working and positive group, which makes every day incredibly rewarding!

We started off the season getting our feet under us again and back to the basics on the classic Cascade and Wiwaxy 500, then made our way to Panorama for a solid few preseason blocks! Panorama provided us with the alpine training we needed, including some beautiful speed training days, as well as an awesome start section we were able to use following gate training each day. The days were full and extremely productive! (Thanks so much Camille, Maryse, Shayne and the Panorama staff!!)

We finished up the 2020 portion of our season with some free skiing days at Louise and Sunshine, as well as alpine training at Nakiska. One of the days at Nakiska we were even able to cheer on our friends at CSX racing the Arosa night SX by streaming it on an iPad at the top of the course! It was a solid block/wind down for the holiday break.

After taking some time off at Christmas to avoid the holiday rush, we are back at it here at Pass Powder Keg fresh and ready to keep up the momentum!

These athletes have been incredibly adaptive to the ever-changing Covid policies. Although we have not been able to race yet, the time and effort is being put in on their end and it shows. From improving alpine skills, free skiing with a purpose, pulling starts, prepping skis, keeping up with school and staying on top of a solid out of gym program until we are able to return to Winsport, they have remained committed and focussed.

I am so thankful for this wonderful group of athletes and can’t wait to get them in some heats!!

-Kya Fairley, ASXT Coach