ASXT Athlete Journal: Zac Reynolds

Hey guys!

Zac checking in here for the last athlete journal of the season. This season has been quite an interesting one. With limited training environments, lack of a race schedule, Covid-19 restrictions and injuries, it has had many speed bumps along the way yet thankfully I’ve been able to overcome them without fail.

I just finished my last week of training at Sunshine Village and boy was it awesome! My team and I were lucky enough to secure an exemption from COVID-19 restrictions in order to continue training, this also led to the best training environment of the season! The National Ski Cross team have also been training at Sunshine and they built an amazing couple ski cross tracks and start sections which we were allowed to use.

One of the speed bumps this season was learning how to embrace each and every training session no matter the quality. With Covid-19 restrictions we were very limited so making the best of what we have was the name of the game this season and learning to do so made training so much more fun! My other speed bump was an unfortunate partial MCL tear in my knee in January putting me on the bench for a total of 2 months. Luckily, I was able the recover quickly with full strength thanks to our trainer Nate Morris and the whole team at Group 23! Based on the work I put in and the support I received, I was able to complete my return to snow program and was fully cleared for a few final weeks of great training.

All in all, although it was a strange season, it definitely was a good one! I have attached a video of my team and I training at Sunshine that was put together by Shannon Abeda. Definitely check it out!

Lastly, I’d like to thank our coaching staff, Kya, JM, I know this season has been tough, but it definitely would not have been possible without you guys. Thank you for everything!

Signing off, see you again next season!