ASXT Athlete Journal: Sarah Clarke

Hi Everyone!

We’ve had a crazy couple of months on the road. With this came many highs and lows for all of us but we have a strong team and together we push each other to be the best versions of ourselves. Our team dynamic is what earns us podiums and makes our (basically 12 month) season sustainable.

The ASXT’s Sarah Clarke

I’m sure from the eyes of bystanders, our lives look compelling, but you guys get the glorified version of our day-to-day schedule consisting of early mornings, long travel days, time away from family and friends and countless hours in the gym. Since January, we’ve been away for almost 8 weeks skiing all over the continent. I wouldn’t trade these opportunities for anything, but I’d be lying if I said it was easy. I’ve learned a lot while away with the team, had some great and some not so great results, improved my skiing and had lots of fun with my friends.

Pictured: Sarah Clarke

Two weeks ago, the World Juniors team was announced. I was honoured to make the team and have the chance to represent both Alberta and Canada on the world stage. Like most athletes, I’m hard on myself and this is a great reminder that my skiing is on the right track and up to par with others my age across the world. Unfortunately, following the Coronavirus outbreak, the race has been cancelled. I was looking forward to our trip to France but lots of factors are out of our control and I hope to redeem myself next year!

Pictured: SVC (left)

Following this unforeseen virus outbreak, our plans for the next month have completely changed, and our mindset has shifted – now focusing on improving our technical skills rather than being in the racing mindset. This month the team is heading to Panorama to forerun and race the speed events and get in some GS training, then we’re off to Big White to race the final FIS series of the season.

Initially, I was upset about the cancellations and felt it was unfair that our season got cut so short. But it’s important to not lose sight of our long-term goals and keep training and working towards achieving them. I’m grateful for some time closer to home over the next couple weeks and hope to see you on the hill!


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