ASXT Athlete Journal: Callum McEwen

This season has obviously been quite different from, well, any season ever. With the lack of competition it has become more of a “preparation” year. It has helped me become both mentally and physically stronger on the hill. Since the new year we’ve been training out of southern Alberta. Pass Powder Keg and Castle Mountain have become our new training sanctuaries. Pass Powder Keg has built a start section for us that has been a tremendous addition to our training. We’ve been able to play with the terrain and set some courses that allow us to run heats and work on ski cross tactics. As for Castle Mountain, you could say our best training is done there. Blasting out freeski runs with Matt Carss and the whole team is my favourite way to get the legs pumping. It’s one heck of a workout but always with smiles.

Unfortunately on January 14 I took a spill and dislocated my shoulder. It caught me by surprise and ended my camp early. The doctor says it will be a 6-8 week recovery. In the meantime I’ve been having fun learning with my left hand and staying as active as I’m allowed. I will be able to start physio this week and I’m looking forward to strengthening my shoulder back up and joining the team for the remainder of the season.