ASXT Athlete Journal: Alexa Velcic

Last week saw our first ski cross camp in almost seven months! While we had a few days skiing around Calgary before hand, it was really great to be back in the mountains and to feel a little cut off from the crazy world that we currently live in. I cannot express enough how lucky I feel to be able to escape to skiing in times like these. We are very fortunate to continue to do what we do safely outdoors! We were also extremely lucky with beautiful, warm weather last week, a treat for this time of year!

Any day on snow where I can feel my toes is a great day in my books! We are also so grateful for the amazing start sections provided to us in Panorama! I think the whole team was excited to feel like we had barely missed a beat when we got to skiing it! One of our guest coaches for the next few weeks, Matt Carres, even got in on the fun and was ripping up the start with us! It was super awesome to see him progress throughout the days, and trying out our coaching skills is also a fantastic way for us to learn and improve ourselves. Thanks Matt for being so optimistic and stoked every day, your energy on the hill was fantastic! Also huge thanks to our coaches JM and Kya for navigating these crazy times with absolute grace.

Our plans have changed so many times and they will continue to change throughout these next few months; knowing you guys are always one step ahead takes so much stress off of us and allows us to focus on what’s important: skiing!

I wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season. While many things in the world are uncertain right now, I am certain that we live in one of the most amazing places on earth and we are blessed here in Alberta with so many winter activities! I know this season I will appreciate skiing more than ever before, and I wish you all do as well.

Thank you for reading!