ASXT Athlete Journal: Alex Rubinoff

Hey guys, Alex here!

I know I am not the only one eagerly waiting for the 2021 competition season to kick off as the past year has been quite the change of pace. Although, the time off has given me the opportunity to re-group and reflect on my past season and how to improve for the next.

Upon reflection, I can say that I found my stride last year,  which brought up my consistency and intensity and enabled me to enjoy my sport more than ever. Finishing 4th overall on the Nor-Am circuit for 2019-20 was a tremendous highlight for me and I can’t wait to carry that momentum forward! It was disappointing to not cap off the end of the season with more races, but everyone’s health and wellness is the highest priority.


A little recap on what I have been up to this last little while:

Working as a framer throughout the spring and summer months helped me stay physically fit when the gyms were closed. Since re-opening, I have been working nonstop in the gym and having lots of coffee fueled nights as a Dinos varsity athlete does. When the weather was nicer, I took every opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Taking mountain bike day trips and getting a little lost in the wild backpacking.

I took the 6 feet rule seriously and made it more of a 60-kilometre rule! I couldn’t say the same for the wildlife as I had some curious cows visit my tent throughout the night.

It has been such a blessing to have my family of teammates and coaching staff as support. It has made this last bit of quarantine manageable. From zoom meetings and game nights I have felt much less isolated here at home. I don’t know what I’d do without everyone’s infectious positivity (probably something on the side of re-enacting The Shining).

I’d like to thank everyone in Alberta Alpine for working as hard as you do and that’s a cornerstone for how great this season will be, COVID setbacks and all.

With hills open and all the safety guidelines in place, it’s looking to be another wonderfully snowy season that I can’t wait to share with all of you.

Stay healthy and earn those turns!