ASXT 2020 Athlete Journal: Callum McEwen

Hi Everyone!

I am Callum McEwen from the Alberta Ski Cross Team. After the Christmas break we took a two day trip down to Castle Mountain for some soft GS training and some well needed team freshies. Shortly after, we headed up to Red Deer for some very chilly Nor Ams and Canadian Nationals. Lots of really great competition as many came for the following World Cup in Nakiska.

Last week I got to start my first World Cup and it was really the cats meow. Super cool experience to run a big fast track with the best in the world. Unfortunately I took a big slam in training and didn’t put down a great run in qualifications with a 39th place finish but my morale quickly shifted when my roommate finished in first place claiming his first World Cup victory!

Pictured: Callum McEwen taking flight

Despite the World Cup not going as planned I was still able to put down some great racing in the following NorAms with two 4th place finishes and some fun heats with my friends and teammates.

The team and I have just arrived in Calabogie, Ontario where the next two NorAms will take place. Calabogie has a very fun track and should definitely make for some interesting heats! Afterwards we will be heading to Gore Mountain for the next races and then back here to Calabogie for the last two NorAms of our Eastern trip.

This upcoming block should prove to be lots of fun and very challenging and I am excited to see what’s to come! Make sure to keep an eye out on the results, the team and I will make Alberta proud!

This has been Callum McEwen for the ASXT, over and out!

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