AST W Coach Journal: Gavin Preziosi

Rather than a recap of the season, I think it is time we look to the future. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the belief that we will have a “normal season” is really motivating for our group and hope it is for everyone.

Ski racing will be back in Canada this winter and I am as stoked about this upcoming season as I have ever been. We all dealt with various curveballs that no one could predict but we all learned to adapt and not let the unknowns rattle us. Add in the amount of training we have under our belts and we will be in for a great season.

The AST has been in the gym since mid May and are looking at a late summer/early fall return snow. The group has some lofty dryland goals we hope to achieve so that when the time comes, everyone will be stronger, healthier and ready to make it count when it comes time to arc some turns.  

I hope everyone can play outside as much as possible and has a great summer!