AST M Coach Journal: Jonas Haehlen

Hello everyone!

I hope you are reading this while enjoying some summer heat as we gear up for what might be a “normal” summer!

What a season. Thank you to everyone who supported the AST this past year. The AST was lucky enough to get some racing outside of Canada which definitely kept the guys motivated and working hard. The season had its fair share of ups and downs but, ultimately, saw all the guys make improvements and get some solid results. Although we did not see any racing here in Alberta, we know the families were still out there doing what they could to make sure we could have some semblance of a season. Thank you to everyone that followed COVID protocols and kept the athletes safe and able to ski. Not just the AST but all athletes across the province. As we all know, this season was a whirlwind of emotions, itineraries and unknowns. I believe the hard work and dedication to training our province put in this season will pay off in the future as we hopefully start to return to normal.

The past season for the AST definitely took a joint team effort from the athletes and the staff to keep energies and morals high. Everyone stepped up and pushed through and I am very excited to take this momentum into the new season. The group had a couple weeks off in early May before some dryland testing kicked off the new dryland season. The group has been back at it 5 days a week for the past 3 weeks. The program currently consists of 2 gym sessions at CSI as well as a mixture of field and individualized sessions the other days. As COVID restrictions start to lift, the team will look to increase the time the gym; but for now the group is meshing and working hard. It has been great to get the guys together early this off season to start team building and really step up the competitiveness of the dryland program in anticipation of our fall on snow camp.

Thanks again to our supporters, families and athletes for pushing through this past season. I am excited for some normalcy and what the future has to offer! I hope to see you all again soon on the slopes.