AST Athlete Journal: Tora Hoshizaki

Hello Alberta Alpine followers! It’s Tora Hoshizaki here with another athlete journal. I hope everyone is enjoying the last of spring skiing and preparing for the summer time. With our two week break I decided to go back to Edmonton and spend some much needed time with my family. It’s been really nice being back at home after being away for so long.

Recently I was looking around the house and happened to find our old video camera. I decided to plug it into the tv and see what I could find. There were hundreds of videos of various celebrations, vacations and family endeavors. Although reliving those memories was entertaining, I was really intrigued by the old videos of my sister and I skiing as kids. This reminded me of times spent with past friends, coaches and families. It brought me back to a time when ski racing was simply about having fun. Watching these videos was the inspiration behind my athlete journal. So I have made this video recapping my fifteen year ski racing journey. I hope you guys enjoy it!

I would also like to thank my sponsors Sporting Life and Sync Performance! As well as my teammates, coaches, board members and most importantly my parents and sister! Thank you for making the 2020/2021 season happen during these difficult times.

Tora Hoshizaki

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