AST Athlete Journal: Caeden Carruthers

Due to the global pandemic we have not been able to compete even close to as much as previous years. Racing and demanding perfection from yourself until you are completely burned is rigorous, and demanding. I have been training hard at Nakiska for the past couple months, improving on mental and technical ques. This time has allowed for lots of great skiing and lots of reflection. Ski racing has been my whole life for as long as I can remember. Early mornings at Crabbe Mountain, carrying bundles that weighed more than me, and keying in gates trump essentially all other childhood memories. I think I speak for most, if not all of my teammates, when I say: racing defines us. Defeat teaches us to be hungry, Injury teaches us that we can and will overcome anything and the desire to win is the overwhelming force that keeps us going no matter what.

Although I am disappointed and eager to race, I feel this season has allowed me to prepare my skiing more than ever for the day that I finally get to step back into the starting gate. In a sport that is entirely a race against a clock, it can be difficult to press pause and take a step back. Changing something flawed in your skiing is unbelievably difficult. On the average training day we do hundreds of turns, hardwiring both good and bad habits into our technique. Skiing is a highly reactionary sport, therefore we need to train our brains and bodies to react with the correct movements. During the race season it is nearly impossible to train in this way due to a lack of volume and the subconscious forcing us to our natural skiing, which isn’t necessarily the most fundamentally sound or fast skiing.

As some racing opportunities approach, I’m feeling prepared and excited! I’d like to extend a massive thank you to our team sponsors, Sporting Life and Sync, as well as my personal support: Head, POC and Level Gloves. Also Crabbe Mountain and the amazing Crabber community.