AST 2020 Athlete Journal: Caeden Carruthers

Hey Everyone!

We recently got back from the east coast after a long trip of NorAm racing this Tuesday. Racing in tough races is very important, at every level in skiing you need to be able to push yourself to new levels. The atmosphere at NorAm races is very focused and competitive. Despite tough conditions
and competition I feel everyone on the team was able to learn a lot out east. On top of racing we also had a chance to train with the University of Vermont Ski Team at their home mountain, Stowe.

Training Shot

Though racing in hard races is wildly beneficial, it’s always important to go back to the basics and train as much as possible. That said, we had a four day training block in Panorama this week to work on technique and get some more volume in our skiing. The training was great, we were
able to ski on lots of different terrain and familiarize ourselves a little bit more with the race venues for NorAm Finals and Canadian National Championships, which are happening this spring!

Looking forward, the women’s team is headed to Collingwood and some of the men’s team to Mont Edouard for some more NorAm action while the other guys are going to Utah for some college and FIS races!

Athlete Profile

I’d like to thank all of our team sponsors, Lone Star Mercedes Benz, Sporting Life and Descente for making this season possible as well as Crabbe Mountain and the Poley Mountain Race Club for all their support in my skiing and kind messages!

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