AASA COVID-19 Update – Exemption to Train

To: Alberta Alpine Ski Association Members

Re: Letter to Government for Exemption for Clubs to Train

AASA has sent a letter to the Government of Alberta, Ministry of Health for exemption for our athletes to train outdoors at the alpine facilities within their locality or region.

Such training would be limited to cohorts of ten participants or less, and follow protocols which address social distancing, remaining within cohort, wearing of masks at all times, hand sanitization, and avoiding public indoor facilities to the greatest extent possible (e.g. washroom access only). These protocols will incorporate the November 24 restrictions mandated by the Province, with the exception that participation in the sport be permitted.

Once AASA hears back from the Ministry of Health we will inform all AASA members.

Thank you again for all the Clubs hard work in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, we will get through this together.

Best regards,
Patrick Gillespie
President of Alberta Alpine Ski Association