AASA COVID-19 Operations Update – November 26, 2020

Dear: AASA Members

Re: COVID-19 AHS Restrictions

On November 24 the Government of Alberta announced new COVID-19 restrictions which require that all team sports stop operations on November 27. In response to this announcement, AASA sent a letter to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Sports and Recreation for an exemption to allow teams to train in groups of 10 or less at their home ski hills.

Although we expect a positive and speedy reply to this request, we have not yet received an exemption from the Government.

Starting on November 27, 2020, we ask all clubs to suspend coaching and training activity. I do want to point out that there are areas in the province that are not under the region classification of enhanced purple region and fall into the region classification of open. No coach or athlete can travel from a purple region to train in an open region during these new restrictions.

We encourage everyone to get out and ski as a family, play in the snow and enjoy the outdoors.

We will continue to inform the membership as more information is released.

Best regards,

Patrick Gillespie

President of Alberta Alpine Ski Association