2021-2022 Alberta Ski Team Announcement

It is with great excitement that we would like to introduce the Alberta Ski and Ski Cross Team for the 2021/2022 competitive season. The following athletes have shown tenacity, commitment, dedication, and a drive that is second to none. Together as a team they move forward into the season with lofty goals and aspirations. We would like to extend the congratulations beyond the athletes to their families, past club coaches, and to their teammates at the club level. All of you have a part in their success and deserve recognition.

On behalf of all the staff at Alberta Alpine, Pat, Alied, Jonas, Gavin, Shayne, Peter, Jim, Kya, Sanne, & Josh, please join us in celebrating and welcoming these athletes to the 2021/2022 Alberta Ski & Ski Cross Team. As a province we wish you the best in your season and beyond! 

Alberta Ski Cross Team
  • Alex Rubinoff – ABSX
  • Alexa Velcic – ABSX
  • Andrew Wilson – AST
  • Austin Boehm – Okanagan/Evolve
  • Garrett Musgrave – ABSX
  • Kiersten Vincett – Valley Ski Alpine Team
  • Phil Tremblay – ABSX
  • Reece Ralph – ABSX
  • Ryan Webster – ABSX
  • Zac Reynolds – ABSX
Alberta Ski Team
  • Avery Lebsack – Team Panorama Ski Club
  • Ben Wallace – Sunshine Racers
  • Caeden Carruthers – Crabbe/Nakiska Alpine Ski Association
  • Cydnie Timmermann – Banff Alpine Racers
  • Dan Molesky – Banff Alpine Racers
  • Haley Cunningham – Team Panorama Ski Club
  • Jesse Kertesz-Knight – Banff Alpine Racers
  • Kaitlyn Fynn – Calgary Alpine Racing Club
  • Kiki Alexander – Sunshine Racers
  • Logan Dunn – Nakiska Alpine Ski Association
  • Makenna Lebsack – Team Panorama Ski Club
  • Tora Hoshizaki – Nakiska Alpine Ski Association
  • Zuzana Rybarik – Team Panorama Ski Club