AST 2020 Athlete Journal: Cassidy Gray

Woohoo first Athlete journal for me!!

I am actually still in Chile as of right now, because after our camp in Pucon I got the opportunity to join the National Team in Chillian for about 10 days – which has been insane!

Chillian is quite the opposite to Pucan though. So far we’ve had beautiful blue bird days and for the most part pretty hard snow. I’m honestly just super stoked to be here. Pucan and Chillian are similar however since they are both volcanoes and they both ironically are highly likely to erupt this month. Quite often the bright blue skis of Chillian have one singular smoke cloud bellowing out of the volcano. Its very surreal to watch from a distance but I would not be thrilled if I had to see the eruption up close and personal.

On the skiing side of things, I am so grateful for this opportunity to train with so many awesome girls! Both the AST girls and the CAST girls have made this last month an absolute blast. There is so much fun and supportive energy from both teams! Coming off of last season on Team Pano where we also had a super strong girl group, I have definitely realized how much fun you can have and how inspiring it can be to feed off of each other.

Our days start bright an early at 6am here is Chillian, and were on snow by 7:15, just in time to watch some spectacular sunrises. Super stoked with how this second camp has been going, and I’m making some big jumps on the technical side of things, as well as experiencing the National Team atmosphere. Fingers crossed for more blue bird days and sweet turns to come!

– Cass