2019 AST Coach Journal: Leslie Firstbrook

OH Hey,

It’s finally my turn! I wanted to share with everyone in our community, a collection of daily 1 second videos of the AST, from the last few months. My intention by doing this is to give our world a glimpse of what it is like to be a part of the Alberta Ski Team. We really are a family, we have challenging moments, hilarious moments, a great deal of repetition, but what feels like zero routine. By no means can we capture all of the memories, but this is certainly a starting point. To overlay, our prep phase has consisted of 2 on-snow camps, 3 Dryland blocks, lots of sweat, tears, and determination….. oh…. and a ton of fun!

Check us out on Instagram @albertaskiteam for more adventures of the AST throughout the year. Our race season is quickly approaching as we are back on snow November 5th! It won’t be long before the athletes are pushing out of the start gate.