Kiki Alexander

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Nickname: Kiki, Kiks, Kika
Home Club: Sunshine
Hometown: Cochrane
Age: 18
Year on the AST: 1st Year
Equipment Suppliers: Rossignol, shred
Personal Sponsors: Tangiers, VersaMC

Career highlight to-date: SL U-19 national Champ
Favourite race-day routine: Eating mini eggs or chocolate almonds
Favourite discipline: All but GS
Favourite place you’ve ever skied: La Parva, Chile
Goal for this season: Qualify for World JR
Any particular coach from your childhood who inspired you: Jen Danza
Favourite offseason activity: Track and Field, Volleyball, Soccer
Any quote that you use for inspiration: “look beyond what you can see” ~ Rafiki in the Lion King
Instagram: @_chloiki_