ASXT Athlete Journal: Zac Reynolds

Hi Guys! Zac Reynolds here checking in for my mid-season athlete journal!

So far, this season has been such a blast! Not only have we had the chance to travel to Europe for preseason training and race a few NorAm Cups before Christmas, but I have also had the amazing opportunity to compete in my first two World Cup races. What can I say other than what an amazing experience! I was able to see how true World Cup athletes conduct their daily routines and race their runs. Although the conditions were less than ideal and I was unable to qualify for the heats, I was able to learn so much from spending time on a high caliber World Cup track, whether it was from taking to the track run to run or by watching the other athletes compete. After the World Cup ended, Nakiska was gracious enough to hold two NorAm races on the same track where the level of racing was higher than usual! The National team stayed around to race and we got the chance to go head to head against them to see where we stacked up.

I learned a lot from these experiences and can’t wait to take them into my next races. As I embark upon the second half of my season, I will be on the road for the next two months. We begin with a NorAm double header at Calabogie Peaks in Ontario where the racing is sure to be quite exciting and then my team and I head over to Europe for a 54-day block of racing and training amongst Europe’s best. So far, the plan is to race two Europa Cups in Grasgehren and then head over to the Reiteralm training center in Austria for two Europa Cups as well as a FIS race. The plan is to stay after those races and to get in some quality training. Then we will travel across Europe for various FIS races until our next Europa Cup stop in Bardoneccia followed by Europa Cup finals in Les Contamines France. We will then be coming home for Canadian National Champs at Nakiska and some spring training.

Overall, this season is lining up to be the best one yet and I absolutely cannot wait to see where it takes me! Follow along on the Alberta Alpine (@albertaalpine) and Alberta Ski Team (@albertaskiteam) Instagram’s for updates.

Thanks for tuning in!
Zac Reynolds
Member of the Alberta Ski Cross Team

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