ASXT Athlete Journal: Alex Rubinoff

Hi everyone! Alex Rubinoff here from ASXT with your monthly athlete journal

This season is making out to be a whirlwind experience. We started with a month-long trip to Europe which for me was the longest continuous stay out of Canada. The training opportunities and tracks available to us was an invaluable part in everyone achieving success this season. And especially at the Nakiska ski cross venue where we had access to a local track and cheering on my teammates dicing it up on the World Cup.

While we’re all enjoying skiing at the cusp of spring, I’d like to still caution everybody about the risks of cold weather snaps and very real threat of frostbite and other cold traumas. You never know how bad it can get until it happens to you.

In early January I had been out on the hill and unfortunately, became a victim of frostbite myself. I didn’t think too much of the weather that day after all us hearty Canadians are brave to the cold. My feet got exposed, and the end result for me was days in the hospital for treatment to save my toes. I will be making a full recovery but the consequences are I’ve had to take the rest of the season to heal.

If you feel cold: go inside

Want to push through frosting: get warm

And above all

Get medical attention if you or someone else recognizes the signs of frostbite

I’d like to thank my family, teammates, coaches, members, AHS, Alberta Alpine, sponsors and supporters for all you do to make the dream happen. 

Till next time!