AST Athlete Journal: Dan Molesky

Hello Ski race fans.

I’m writing to you from our final race series of the season in Panorama.  After a long season it’s nice to have the entire team together and racing hard one more time this year.  The season so far has been fun and challenging. We’ve been lucky enough to get back to traveling away for races more regularly and it’s been very fun for me to get to experience skiing at new places, notably, legendary east coast resorts like Burke Mountain and Whiteface.  We’ve also been lucky enough to get some races in Quebec and Ontario as well.  I’m also very pleased to see the return of the GMC Alberta cup! One of the hardest parts about last year for me was the absence of races in our home province. I’m so happy our community can once again safely come together and celebrate our favourite sport!  The return of racing at castle mountain resort was a big highlight for me as I had not been there to race since U14 and I absolutely love the race hill and would like to extend a big thanks to the hill and volunteers for setting that up!  

On a more personal note, this season has definitely been the most challenging of my FIS career.  After rehabilitating a Leg Injury from last season, I broke a small bone in my wrist on my gravel bike in the summer. This injury required surgery and took a really long time to heal.  I was unable to join the team for fall camp in Europe and my training was pretty limited for the first part of the season.  Despite this frustration, It has been amazing to see all of my teammates achieve a massive amount of progress and surpass their goals.

A huge amount of thanks to the supporters of our team, Sporting life, GMC, Raymond James and Karbon for everything they do to help us ski fast and realize our dreams.

I would also like to thank the members of Alberta Alpine and the readers of these journals for their support and enthusiasm of our team and their contribution to our amazing ski racing community in Alberta!

See you all out on the slopes!

-Dan Molesky