AST Athlete Journal: Ben Wallace

Hello everyone!

My name is Ben Wallace, I am currently in my third year of FIS, and a first year on the Alberta Alpine Ski Team. Welcome to my first athlete journal.

Firstly, I want to mention the group dynamic of this year’s 2021-22 Men’s Team. Being the team’s newest member-“rookie”-, I have seen firsthand how inclusive the whole crew of guys are. Right from day one, the positive vibe and driven temperament was given. The ability of this group to keep each other motivated and stoked if one of us had a meagre day has fostered continual development and an environment of growth. For while we are an individual sport technically, in spirit we are a team sport. We push each other on the hill, high focus and effort put into every run.

The past two weeks of racing at Panorama and Norquay have marked the biggest block of consistent racing I have got since Covid-19 began. So getting back into the dynamic and headspace of racing has been a big focus for me. One key point I have reinforced over the last block of poor weather conditions at Panorama has been the importance of the right mindset. Specifically how it is all perceptive, and sometimes you will be soaked to your skin and miserable and you just have to smile through and love the process. That regardless of nerves or poor conditions, and the trepidation that brings, to stay confident in the work put in—and perform.

Up next I will be heading back to Panorama for four days of SG training in preparation of the Lake Louise NorAm on December 10th, my first NorAm ever! My focus is cementing all my work from pre-season speed training at Nakiska, so I nail my technical cues and am able to really push it. My determination and confidence (and, of course, stoke) is very high heading into this race. Be sure to follow Logan, Caeden, and I on Live Timing!

I would like to say a huge thank you to coaches Jonas and Peter as they continue to push and mentor the team and I. I would also like to thank everyone on the board of Alberta Alpine for their persistent hard work to support and administer our team! An additional thank you goes out to our trainer Nate at CSI for all the work he has put in with us over the summer and pre-season.

Also a big shoutout to our team sponsors Raymond James Mission Wealth Advisors, GMC, Sporting Life, World cup Supply, and Karbon. We’re grateful for your support!

We couldn’t do it without any of you.