Terry Maddison: President’s Award

As with many of the inductees to the Canadian Rockies Ski Racing Hall of Fame, Terry Maddison’s beginnings in the sport were humble and happenstance. His involvement, however, has grown along with his family, and he has become an instrumental part of the success of many ski racing clubs in Alberta. Our Sport and community are incredibly lucky to have this wonderful, enjoyable, and resourceful person in our midst. 

Growing up as teenager in Edmonton, Terry remembers that his first ski outing came about when a girlfriend asked him to join her. Eager to impress, off he went, but what stands out in his memory was the full yard-sale he took when his snowy ski boots slipped on the concrete cafeteria floor of the Lake Eden Ski Hill! He persevered and his love of skiing grew during a trip to Marmot Basin in Grade 12 and was further cemented when he skipped his Grade 12 Physics final exam to go skiing. He continued to ski as a University of Alberta student and it was the big school trips to exotic locales, such as Fortress in 1979, and his bright yellow ski boots that still make him smile. 

Terry’s involvement in skiing was his own choice – his family had no history in Alpine skiing although his father had skied cross country to and from school in Estonia before immigrating to Canada in 1952. This would contrast years later with Terry and wife Pamela’s own young family and their involvement in alpine racing. Son Andy was playing hockey, but they felt their daughter Rebecca needed an organized sport activity of her own and after much research, they landed at Norquay’s Bow Valley Quikies then run by Ellen Brenner. Andy soon “saw the light,” started to ski with the club, and continues to this day as a U14 coach with Banff Alpine Racers while Rebecca coaches at BVQ. 

Terry has strong opinions about ski racing being an exceptional sport for a family over many others and strongly believes that “being in a high-level sport develops discipline in young athletes and promotes making good life-choices. It gives them a sense of belonging and helps them to not drift away.” As the days on snow increased each week, the family embraced it and found a weekend home close to the hill. For Terry, it was incredibly rewarding – he loved watching his own and other kids develop and have fun. As well, he loved that “an important part of the sport is how kids connect with others – even at other clubs. Your own club becomes less important and, for families as well, your social circle grows and will last long past the end of direct involvement in the sport.” 

This insight into and love of the sport led Terry to bring ski racing into his professional life. As the Director of Accounting Services and Controller for Jack Carter Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Ltd., Terry saw an important need that Alberta Clubs had that his automotive dealership organization could address – guidance and support in the provision and management of fleet vehicles for moving equipment and athletes to the hills around the province and further afield for training and racing. Although he’s quick to insist these relationships, some of which have run for over 15 years, benefit Jack Carter tremendously, they have been absolute and positive game-changers to the clubs, athletes, and families in the sport. Terry was the catalyst and took the initiative to bring these two worlds together.

Prior to his long-term role at Jack Carter, Terry was lured away from Edmonton to Calgary work at another dealership, GSL. Not long after starting there, his long commitment to volunteering began when co-workers convinced him to come along to an information evening at the Calgary Zoo after which he became a Docent and Educator there for many years. In ski racing, Terry remains an active and important volunteer and is often the Chief of Gates at races at Norquay and elsewhere. Outside of skiing, family life and work, Terry is an avid road-cyclist and is still involved in German folk dancing, where he first met Pamela.

Besides Pamela, Terry would like to recognize Kari Gordon, Damien Mills, Robb Beeman, Dr. Scott Timmermann, Bob Vargo, Sandy Webster, and Gregg Ferguson as important influencers in the sport.

Terry Maddison is an alumni member of the Banff Alpine Racers and Bow Valley Quikies, a past Director of those clubs, and a senior official in the sport. 


Please join us on November 8th at the Malcolm Hotel in Canmore to honour the Class of 2022.