Cary Mullen Character Award and Certificate Winners

Congratulations to all Cary Mullen Character Award and Certificate Winners!

You have all displayed the qualities of true champions in your ski racing pursuits: Courage, Commitment, Confidence and Camaraderie.

U12 Award Winners:

Ellie Hyndman 

Commitment/ Camaraderie – “Ellie gives 110% to anything she sets her mind to! Ellie works hard at ski racing but also competes in swimming and sings in a choir. She does an amazing job of combining activities and school commitments. Ellie will always cheer on her teammates, encourage them to try something outside their comfort zone or just look out for her buddies. She is an integral part of team, who has a hugely positive influence wherever she goes!”

Veda Menzies

Commitment/ Confidence – “When we have a race on Sunday morning even though she is tired she still wants to go to training that day after the race. She said she will go to every race, and she did. Veda will not miss any awards even when no one from our club wins anything because you are supposed to cheer for everyone. Veda knew that she needed to move to a better group even though she liked her coach and kids in her group. She wasn’t nervous to train with all second-year boys that were all really good friends already even though she is a first year U12.”

U14/16 Award Winners:

Cole Merrett

Camaraderie – “Even through all of his efforts, Cole is never cold to a team-mate and is always fundamentally congratulatory to his opponents. This year, he was selected as an alternate for U16 nationals (which, as a first year, is a notable accomplishment). Seven people on Team Panorama were selected to actually compete, and he was expressing his desire for them to succeed immediately, as well as consoling the people who were disappointed with their failure to qualify.”

Reighynn Pawlowski

Confidence – “This year was the Breakthrough year that she was striving for. With the support of her coaches, and fellow racers, Reighynn was able to start seeing her hidden potential. While racing the regional series, she first experienced back-to-back races on the podium and realized that her abilities were the foundation of her success and not just a fluke. As she started to climb the steps of the podium, her self-confidence started building”

FIS/AST Award Winners:

Phil Tremblay

Commitment – “Phil made personal gains this year on the hill and in his professionalism in the sport, his skiing skills improved and provided him with his first NorAm win and qualifying in a Europa Cup. He also presented himself as a professional athlete in his mannerism, interaction with the Canadian National Ski Cross Team, the Italian National Ski Cross Team, and other National teams. This sportsmanship helped to build relationships to get the Alberta Ski Cross Team time on European tracks”

Garrett Musgrave

Courage – “Garrett had taken some time off from ski cross to pursue school and to compete in football at the University level. After 2 years, he decided that he wanted to return to ski cross. This is something that would be intimidating to lots of athletes, but Garrett came back prepared to put the work in to return to where he was when he last raced and to surpass his goals. The courage he had to return to a high level of sport after time off is inspiring and goes to show “retirement” doesn’t have to be the end for an athlete. Garrett not only came back but returned stronger than ever both physically and mentally from his time in a different sport.”

Congratulations to all other nominees who will receive the Cary Mullen Certificate acknowledging your nominations:

  • Shae O’Brien
  • Alicia Frick
  • Emma Fynn
  • Annabelle Iverson
  • Thomas Binley-Ewing
  • Ramius Aspen