Bow Valley Quikies Club Takeover!

Cookie Cup – what race dreams are made of!

Dinosaurs, unicorns, monkeys and lumberjacks are just a few characters that you will find at Bow Valley Quikies (BVQ) Cookie Cups. The Cookie Cups were originally founded over 15 years ago by past Executive Director Kari Gordon.  The races are hosted at least three times a season to introduce young athletes and new parents into ski racing with a fun exciting environment.

Many athletes’ fondest memories as a BVQ athlete were Cookie Cups – racing, friends, costumes and delicious cookies.  Not only do athletes have a blast, but parents are introduced to race operations and volunteer opportunities. The most sought out volunteer position is baking and decorating cookies, with new creations each event. 

Over the years we have see Slalom, Giant Slalom, Obstacle courses and 4-lane Head to Head race formats.  All time favourite, Club Cookie Cups when FIS crew lead a team of young athletes from every program, and podium presenters CAST members Erik Read and Trevor Philp attended during an Olympic year.  Every athlete that has been a member of BVQ over the past 15 years has raced in a Cookie Cup, once they graduate to Banff Alpine Racers (BAR) they wish they were still racing Cookie Cups! 

Finishing race days, each athlete is presented with a cookie, and the best part is eating the medals!  Sometimes the Cookie Monster comes to visit, and gets the athletes ramped up to race.  To wrap up the BVQ season, a 4-lane race course invites parents, siblings, team mates and coaches to race head to head.  Watch out parents, you won’t be winning for much longer!

We love to race for cookies, nom nom nom

Photo Credit: @johnevelyphoto @jamesrtrites @markdzikowski