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Grassroots Nutrition: Perform at your best by fueling with sugar?

October 25, 2018 4:03 pm

Perform at your best by fueling with sugar? The current trend in the media is to compare sugar to hard drugs.  They suggest the two have addictive properties and these properties can lead us to an early death. Do we need to start hiding our children and picketing with anti-sugar messages to protect the youth?… View Article

GrassRoots Nutrition – Powering Up For Preseason!

September 4, 2018 1:46 pm

GRASSROOTS NUTRITION TIPS Powering Up for Preseason! Hello and welcome to 2018 preseason. Preseason is generally the time before the season starts and is jammed full of good intention.  It is also full of a new school schedule, reacquainting with new and old friends and a renewed commitment to the gym/outdoor training.  It is exciting,… View Article