Registration for the 2021-22 season is OPEN on zone4.

Important information for registration includes the following:

  • All athletes must complete the AASA Concussion Acknowledgement Form
  • All hard-copy registration forms are to remain with the club.
  • Canada West Pass Applications must come through member clubs only. Please have program directors send their list of applicants no later than August 9th, 2019. Digital waivers and a digital headshot are due September 6, 2019. AASA will invoice clubs for the total number of passes issued.
  • All Athletes and General Members must register with their home club. You can’t purchase a FIS card or membership directly from Alberta Alpine (*this includes FIS athletes racing NCAA and former club athletes named to the Alberta Ski Team).
  • SAIP (Sport Accident Insurance Program)
    • SAIP is mandatory for non-FIS athletes who travel to the US to compete.
    • SAIP is also mandatory for non-FIS athletes who travel outside of North America to train AND compete – Summer camps in New Zealand etc.
    • SAIP is no longer mandatory for non-FIS athletes who travel to the US to train, however clubs must sign a waiver declining coverage. This waiver must be submitted to AASA prior to travel.  AASA strongly recommends that all athletes and coaches travelling outside the country to train or race purchase SAIP prior to departure.
    • SAIP is mandatory to compete in the US.
    • SAIP is also mandatory for all non-FIS athletes who travel outside of North America to train and compete.
  • Summer & Fall Ski Camps – OUTSIDE of Canada only
    • Clubs MUST submit the Out-of-country training sanction waiver to train outside of the country. This includes camps & trips to Mt Hood, Europe (incl Sweden), South America, Australia and New Zealand.
    • If athletes are attending a camp that is NOT being facilitated by an Alberta Alpine Member Ski Club, no form is necessary.
    • SAIP is MANDATORY for all non-FIS athletes training and competing outside of North America.
  • FIS Registration
    • Athletes must register via their home ski clubs, this includes Alberta Ski & Ski Cross Team Athletes, NCAA & Masters.
    • All FIS athletes must complete the FIS Medical Evaluation Form for each new ski season, prior to licenses being issued
    • 1st-year FIS athletes MUST complete the FIS Athlete Declaration Form
    • Clubs MUST submit a list of FIS athletes to Alberta Alpine by June 20th, in order for athletes to be included on the July 1st FIS list.

This year’s registration package includes the following items.

  1. AASA 2020-2021 Membership Fees (updated June 24, 2020)
  2. AASA 2020-2021 Membership Fees Memo
  3. ACA Registration form (all Alberta Alpine members)
  4. AASA Concussion Acknowledgement Form (all Alberta Alpine athletes)
  5. FIS Athlete Declaration Form (1st-year athletes only)
  6. FIS Medical Form
  7. Out of Country Training Sanction Request Form (for ALL out of country training, FIS & non-FIS)
  8. CGL Request for Certificate of Insurance
  9. SAIP Decline Coverage Acknowledgment Form (for non-FIS athletes who will be TRAINING in the USA, ski clubs MUST sign this form to decline SAIP coverage AND send a list of all athletes & coaches it applies to)
  10. SAIP Quick Sheet – NOT YET AVAILABLE (2018-19 version valid until June 30)
  11. SAIP Registration List (for non-FIS athletes) – club use only
  12. FIS Registration List – club use only
  13. CWSAA Applicant List – club use only
  14. Club Contact Template – club use only
  15. AASA Concussion Medical Evaluation Form
  16. FIS Alpine Single Penalty Form
  17. CSA Incident Report
  18. Zone4 Registration Upload Spreadsheet – club use only
  19. Zone4 Registration Category Abbreviations

Other key information

  • The Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy runs from July 1-June 30 of each year. If you have athletes participating in any training throughout the summer, please ensure they are registered for next season to ensure they are covered.
  • Sport Accident Insurance (SAIP) is mandatory and already included in all FIS licensed athletes. There are two options available depending on your training/race schedule:
  • FIS International – includes SAIP Class 2 that enables you to train/race outside of Canada and covers you for 30 consecutive days out of the country (*days reset upon re-entry to Canada).
  • FIS Domestic – includes SAIP Class 3 that enables you to train/race INSIDE Canada only. Travel outside Canada is prohibited.
  • SAIP is available for purchase to all other athletes (U12 and up) and AASA member coaches. There are different classes available for purchase depending on your travel plans. To purchase SAIP, please have your club program director send a list of names using the SAIP template. AASA will invoice clubs directly for coverage.

In order to stay up to date with more AASA communication as it relates to membership, equipment & other relevant alpine ski racing information, we are asking our clubs to send updated contact lists. Please fill out the attached contact template and return it to us at your earliest convenience.

We look forward to another great season ahead. In the meantime, should you have any questions or concerns regarding registration, please contact Member Services at (403) 609-4730 (ext. 0) or

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