2017-18 Alberta Alpine Member Registration 

Registration for the 2017-18 season is now open on zone4 and new membership pricing has been set.  All updated forms and fees have been posted to our website below. Any athletes or coaches that are planning on training and/or racing this summer need to be registered through their club prior to July 1st.

Important changes for this year include the following:

  • All athletes must complete the AASA Concussion Acknowledgement Form
  • All hard-copy registration forms are to remain with the club. AASA only requires original copies of the CWSAA application form.
  • All Athletes and General Members must register with their home club. You can’t purchase a FIS card or membership directly from Alberta Alpine (*this includes FIS athletes racing NCAA and former club athletes named to the Alberta Ski Team).
  • SAIP is no longer mandatory for non-FIS athletes who travel to the US to train, however athletes must sign a waiver. This waiver must be submitted to AASA prior to travel.  Note that SAIP is still required for all athletes traveling to the US to COMPETEAASA strongly recommends that all athletes and coaches traveling outside the country to train purchase SAIP prior to departure.
  • For any non-FIS athletes SAIP is mandatory for all international competition and/or training. Athletes traveling to the US, to train, may decline SAIP coverage, provided their club fill out the required waiver. SAIP is highly recommended for all coaches traveling out of country.
  • All clubs leaving the country to train must fill out and submit the “Out of Country Training Request Form” prior to their departure. Please ensure you have this submitted at least 2 weeks prior to your departure to ensure proper coverage and avoid delays.

Contact your club registrar to register for all programs. Any athlete including FIS, U12, U14, U16, U18, U21 or Senior National Card athlete who intends to train or race, including dryland training, should register prior to their first training session. The registration and insurance cycles run from July 1 to June 30 each year.

All registrations must come through Zone4. Please contact your club for all member registrations including FIS. All required forms and information sheets are posted below. – for online registration – for club services


  • SAIP and CGL coverage run from July 1 to June 30 every year.
  • Any athlete within 50 points of the top ranked athlete in any of the 4 major disciplines (DH, SG,GS, SL) based off the 13th FIS points list 2016/17 must complete a new CCES Athlete Information and Declaration form.  This also requires athletes to follow some online curriculum which is linked to on the form. Athletes who qualify for this program will be contacted by Alberta Alpine directly.
  • In order for your training to be covered under the CSA Liability Insurance Program, the CSA Discipline and the CSA must approve all out of country training. All groups training outside of Canada must complete the Out of Country Training Sanction Request.
  • All athletes will register through their home clubs, including AST members and NCAA university students.
  • AASA Membership Services has created a concussion registration form to be completed by ALL athletes/ families to both inform and capture necessary signatures. This form will be completed annually during the registration process.

FIS Registration Checklist

NEW– All paperwork will remain with the home club unless otherwise requested. Please do not send registration forms to the AASA office.

  • Zone 4 Online Registration via your club registrar
  • ACA Registration Form
  • AASA Concussion Acknowledgement form
  • FIS Athlete Declaration (New FIS Athletes Only)
  • ACA Medical Evaluation – requires a visit to a doctor
  • CCES Protocol for Listed Athletes – athletes will be notified separately if you qualify

Canada West Competitor Pass

NEW– AASA will only be accepting CWSAA pass applications directly from clubs. Please submit all your paperwork to you club. We will not accept applications from individual athletes sent directly to our office. You must be a member of an AASA club to qualify for a pass.

CWSAA created the ALL AREAS COMPETITOR PASS to facilitate eligible athletes access to participating CWSAA ski areas for the purpose of training and competition. All athletes must understand that the use of the competitor Pass is a privilege that carries with it the responsibility to conduct themselves in a sportsman like fashion, showing leadership to their fellow athletes. An athlete who is disciplined for pass infractions or other disciplinary issues at a host ski area, such as breach of the Alpine Responsibility Code or other irresponsible behaviour, or who has received sanctions from their provincial sport organization will automatically be disqualified from the All Area Competitor Pass Program.

All relevant 2017-18 CWSAA information and application documents are posted below.  All FIS athletes need to submit the application form, printed and signed in colour as well as a digital photo, to their club when submitting their FIS registration.  Please review all information carefully prior to submission.  Applications are due by Wednesday August 16th, 2017 at 4pm MST.

Please note that an application does not guarantee a pass, however must be completed in order to be eligible for a pass. The Competitor Pass may only be used by the passholder named on the pass. The pass is not transferable and will be revoked for misuse. Athletes who discontinue regularly scheduled training programs or competitions, except due to injury, must return the Competitor Pass to their respective provincial sport organization. A pro-rated refund will be provided.

In the case of a lost pass, the athlete should contact Member Services at Alberta Alpine as soon as possible to report the loss.  All Western Canadian Ski Areas will be notified and a new pass will be issued to the athlete. A $100 administrative charge will be applied to replace a lost pass.

2017-2018 CWSAA Fee Structure (incl GST)

  • Athletes- $567
  • Coaches- $1,134

More information on CWSAA guidelines and qualifications can be found here: 


Please contact Member Services at or 403-609-4730, ext.0 for further information.

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