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Who:                     Competitors aged 12 and 13 (as of December 31st  of the current year)

Skill Level:          Alpine Integration Model, Learn to Train

Where:                 Provincial and Inter Provincial


The U14 Series is a provincial program intended to progress young skiers from the Learn to Train to the Learn to Race stages of skill development. The program provides a competitive series for 12 and 13 year old skiers, which allows them to test their skills against their peers at a provincial level.

The U14 program also develops ski specific physical and mental skills, and continues to develop the technical skills learned in the Nancy Greene Ski League. The Snow Stars program is an excellent teaching tool, and clubs should pursue the goal of having a high percentage of U14 skiers achieve Level 7.

All u14 Provincial series races will be conducted in single run race formats to encourage aggressive and high risk skiing in every race run and set to AASA course setting rules.

Provincial Awards

  • Series points will be tracked internally by AASA but will not be publicly awarded for the U14
  • The top 10 athletes will be recognized in each
  • A Series Final Championship Award will be presented to a men’s and ladies overall winner based on the combined results at the U14 Provincial Finals.

Note: please refer to the Limited Quota Competition Policy for selection details.

Calendar Updates: Any changes to the U14 Calendar will posted on the calendar section of the website.


  • Each competitor must be a member in good standing of an Alberta Alpine club and registered with Alberta Alpine for a National Competitor
  • Each coach must be an Accredited ACA CSC coach. A minimum of Development Level Certified coach certification is recommended for each club’s U14 and U16 Head
  • Course Setters and Referees should be at least ACA Development Level coach and must have attended Annual AASA course setter and referees training in order to set at the U14 and U16 level. Course setters will be determined by AASA Athletics staff and the appropriate PAC age group representative. Mentor coaches are available for those coaches with lesser
  • Competitions must be sanctioned by Alberta Alpine and Alpine Canada Alpin and conform to the Kinder standards of the International Competition Rules (ICR), Alpine Canada Alpin, and Alberta Alpine Ski Association policies.
  • The use of FIS sanctioned helmets as per ACA Domestic rules are compulsory for all events. Helmets used must be specifically designed and manufactured for Alpine Ski Racing as per ACA and FIS policy.
  • The use of crash helmets is strongly recommended for coaches and
  • The use of mouth guards for SL and back protectors for SG, GS and SX specifically designed for Alpine Ski Racing is mandatory for all AASA registered athletes when competing
  • Competitors’ equipment must conform to Alpine Canada Alpin National Equipment Rules. ACA and AASA do not specify any restrictions regarding ski length and radius for national events unless otherwise stated. Physical development, ability and skills must be considered for
  • Athletes competing in FIS events (Whistler Cup etc) must compete on equipment which complies with FIS
  • The age standards allow athletes to remain in U14 for an extra season when it is indicated by their athletic development. Junior age athletes who are not racing FIS on a full time basis may compete in U16 events. Athletes racing out of category must receive an “Out of Category Authorization” which can be applied for by the home club coach or program director.
  • More detail on competition rules can be accessed at fisski.com
  • All AASA Sanctioned U14, U16, and regional series races will be set in accordance to AASA Course Setting Rules.