Regional Series

North Zone Regional Series 2021

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Regional Series

Who:                     Competitors aged 12 to 20 (as of December 31st  of the current year)

Skill Level:           Alpine Integration Model, Learn to Train and Learn to Race

Where:                 North Zone


The Regional Series is a zone-based program intended to assist athletes in the transition from the Learn to Train stage of skill development to the Learn to Race stage. Another goal of the program is to provide a competitive series for 12 to 20 year old skiers, which requires less travel and time commitment than the Provincial U14 and U16 series.

The Regional Series program should also introduce children to ski specific mental and physical training, and continue to develop the technical skills learned in the Nancy Greene Ski League.

Regional Series athletes are welcome to attend AASA age group events such as legends club womens camp, speed camps, etc.


  • Competitors must be a member in good standing of an Alberta Alpine club and must have purchased a national competitor
  • Each coach must be an accredited ACA CSC coach.
  • Competitions must be sanctioned by Alberta Alpine and Alpine Canada
  • Separate prize categories will be awarded for U14 and U16. If there are sufficient entries the Race Organizers may also award prizes in the Junior
  • The use of crash helmets is compulsory for all events. Helmets used must be specifically designed and manufactured for Alpine Ski
  • The use of mouth protection and back protectors specifically designed for Alpine Ski Racing is strongly recommended for all
  • The use of crash helmets is strongly recommended for all coaches and volunteers
  • All registered athletes are eligible to receive awards during the regular series. Any athletes placed in the top 15 of the U14 or U16 provincial series rankings during the current season are not eligible for awards at the series
  • The North Zone Regional Series will be set to U16 rules and standards as listed in the AASA course setting rules.

Regional Awards

  • U16 and Junior age athletes will have the total of the competitor’s points earned in all series races will determine his / her placing in the Provincial Series and the top three male and female Provincial Series point holders will receive awards.
  • U14 Athletes will not have their series points tracked, but will award an Overall Champion based on the combined results of the final race series held in Jasper.

The top 6 athletes will be recognized in each event.