A History of Excellence

Alberta Alpine Ski Association, more commonly known as Alberta Alpine is a not for profit society registered under the Societies Act of the Province of Alberta. The Association is responsible for the general conduct and administration of alpine skiing competition within the Alberta Division of the Canadian Snow Sports Association.

As a member of Alpine Canada Alpin, Alberta Alpine is the provincial sport governing body for alpine ski racing, providing programs for 4,800+ athletes, coaches, volunteers and officials of the sport throughout the province. Alberta Alpine manages programs from introductory levels to masters including the athletes of the Alberta Ski and Ski Cross Teams.

Alberta has had a rich legacy of success – 80 Albertans have represented Canada on the world stage including Olympic medalists Jan Hudec, Edi Podivinsky and Karen Percy, World Champion John Kucera and World Cup medalists, Ken Read, Thomas Grandi, Jungle Jim Hunter, and Cary Mullen.