Reece Ralph

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Nickname: Lil Reece Ralph
Home Club: ABSX
Hometown: Oakville, Ontario
Age: 19
Year on the ASXT: 1
Equipment Suppliers: Elan skis, Shred
Personal Sponsors: Sir Sam’s ski & ride, Corbetts ski and snowboard

Career highlight to-date: Winning U19 nationals
Favourite race-day routine: My morning warm up
Favourite discipline: SX
Favourite place you’ve ever skied: Castle Mountain
Goal for this season: Top 10 Nor Am overall
Any particular coach from your childhood who inspired you: The Fenninger Family
Favourite offseason activity: Anything involving a motor and going fast
Any quote that you use for inspiration: “you silly? I’m still gunna send it!” – Larry Enticer
Instagram: @reece_ralph