Haley Cunningham

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Nickname: Halestorm
Home Club: Team Panorama Ski Club
Hometown: Calgary, AB
Age: 19
Year on AST: 1st year
Equipment Suppliers: Atomic, POC

Career Highlight: Winning my first race ever last season.
Secret race-day routine: My parents used to sing “Racing Day” from the Backyardagains to my brother and me before every race, to our displeasure, and now it auto plays in my brain right when I wake up, still to my displeasure.
Favourite discipline: What ever is going well at that moment (speed is always a fun day though).
Favourite place you’ve ever skied: New Zealand/Snowbird
Goals for this season: Make the most out of every opportunity because we don’t know how many we’ll be able to have this season.
Any coach in particular who inspired you: Mark Sharp
Little-known fact about you: I had to be bribed with candy to start my first ever ski race.
Favourite off-season activity: Playing soccer and not mountain biking
Your favourite quote: You’re stronger than you think.
Instagram: @haley._.cunningham