Cody Pedersen

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Member from 2008 to 2011

Cody Pedersen Alberta Ski Team from 2008 to 2011.

1.   What club did you ski with?
Avalanche in the early years until it collapsed in K1 then I switched to Banff Alpine Racers..

2.   Your age?
20, as of the 29th of August.

3.   Who were some of your coaches?
Grew up with Duane Baird, current coach of the Men’s AST program. He has coached me at almost every level from QDG, through K1, K2 and FIS. Other coaches include Tom Penney, Richard Jagger, Jordi Burks, and Jeff Macpherson.

4.   Highlight of your career with the provincial team?
All the traveling to Europe, NZ and Chile as well as the comraderie that developed between me and my teammates. The AST offered alot and it’s tough to sum it up into one single hilight.

5.   Highlight of your ski racing career?
Fore running the 2010 Games in Vancouver, and skiing the technical events at World Juinors in Crans Montana Switzerland last season.

6.   What are you doing for the summer?
This summer, I have been working for my parents at out family run hotel in Lake Louise, Paradise Lodge and Bungalows, mostly doing maintenance and grounds, but occasionaly dipping into what ever else needs to be done.

7.   What will you be doing next fall?
In the fall I will be attending SAIT in Calgary studying Hospitality Management and Tourism.

8.   Do you have any tips you’d like to pass on to young racers?
Go fast! Stay focused and never stop learning. Ski racing is a living sport and the fastest way to get down the hill is constantly evolving.

9.   What took you most by surprise when you joined the AST?
The level of focus and drive to produce the best skiers in the counrtry and the atitude from the coaches that one day everyone on the team will ski World Cup.

10. What is your favourite ski area and why?
Kicking Horse, never had a bad  day there.

12. What would you buy with your last $50?
Probably some food, I really like food.