Alexa Velcic

profile picture

Nickname: Lex, Lexa
Home Club: ABSX
Hometown: Calgary
Age: 22
Year on the ASXT: 1
Equipment Suppliers: Bliz, Stöckli
Personal Sponsors: Chronic Tacos

Career highlight to-date: 3rd Junior World Champs 2017
Favourite race-day routine: Always have to start my morning with some good coffee
Favourite discipline: ski cross (duh)
Favourite place you’ve ever skied: Skiing Castle with JM is probably the most fun free skiing to be had
Goal for this season: Nor-Am overall top 3
Any particular coach from your childhood who inspired you: Stan Hayer has been a huge part of my early ski cross days, got the privilege of having my first year on ABSX with him
Favourite offseason activity: water skiing
Any quote that you use for inspiration: D.B.S. (don’t be stupid), not super inspirational but definitely something important to remember in our sport
Instagram: @alexa_velcic