AST Journals

ASXT 2020 Athlete Journal: Callum McEwen

January 28, 2020
Hi Everyone! I am Callum McEwen from the Alberta Ski Cross Team. After the Christmas break we took a two day trip down to Castle Mountain for some soft GS training and some well needed team freshies. Shortly after, we headed up to Red Deer for some very chilly Nor Ams and Canadian Nationals. Lots... View Article

AST 2020 Athlete Journal: Caeden Carruthers

January 23, 2020
Hey Everyone! We recently got back from the east coast after a long trip of NorAm racing this Tuesday. Racing in tough races is very important, at every level in skiing you need to be able to push yourself to new levels. The atmosphere at NorAm races is very focused and competitive. Despite tough conditions... View Article

AST 2020 Athlete Journal: Angus Musgrave

January 21, 2020
Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to take on the new year! As for us here on the AST we have had a busy start to the new calendar year with the men (except for Gavin) racing the eastern NorAm Cup races taking place in Burke Mountain and Stowe,... View Article

AST 2020 Athlete Journal: Cassidy Gray

January 10, 2020
For my athlete journal this week I chose to do something slightly different then the traditional recap of our racing and training. I decided to take this athlete journal to recognize our families, in every shape and size that they come. It is so easy for us to get lost in our own routine, with... View Article

AST 2020 Athlete Journal: Ashleigh Alexander

December 16, 2019
Hey Everyone! I hope you are all having an amazing start to the season! Sadly I didn’t get to go watch the Lake Louise World Cup, but a HUGE congrats to Brodie and Mitch for being the top Canadians! We have just finished the first BIG race of the year! Norquay slalom was a big... View Article

AST 2020 Athlete Journal: Alyssa Hill

November 27, 2019
This week was the week of my first race in a year and a half. One could say I was…a little stressed. It was only one race day in sun peaks: two races, four runs. We had trained there the day before, which, to be completely honest, didn’t instill much confidence in me. The snow... View Article

AST 2020 Athlete Journal: Tora Hoshizaki

November 22, 2019
Hey everyone! Now that the ski season has begun I hope you’re all taking advantage of the early snow. The team is currently training hard at Nakiska to prepare for races in Colorado and Sun Peaks! Now when I say the team, I mean everyone except for me! For those who don’t know, I suffered... View Article

AST 2020 Athlete Journal: Konstantin Petkovic

November 14, 2019
Hello all, my name is Konstantin Petkovic but most of you probably know me as Kosta. This is my first athlete journal as I have recently been named to the Alberta Ski Team.   Our training camp in Hintertux was a blast and the conditions were amazing. I managed to get a lot of work... View Article

AST 2020 Athlete Journal: Kiki Alexander

November 1, 2019
Hello Everyone,  My name is Kiki Alexander and I am from Sunshine Alpine Racers. Welcome to my first of many athlete journals. I am super excited to keep you all updated throughout the season on what the team is up to! This being my first year on the team, I feel very lucky to be... View Article

AST 2020 Athlete Journal: Jamie Casselman

October 31, 2019
Hello all, We have just finished our fall camp in Hintertux. Everyone worked hard and I feel like we all have seen improvements in our skiing. We were lucky to have hard snow and clear skies for most the camp. Two other highlights of our camp were going to the waterslides and watching the World... View Article