Canada’s Alpine’s Long Term Athlete Development Plan

Long term athlete development is the cornerstone of the our planning for the development of our ski racers in the Province of Alberta.  Through a partnership with the PSOs and Alpine Canada we are proud to be a present the Snow Stars Program and Canada’s own long term alpine development plan, the LTAD for Alpine.  These tools should be used by parent and coaches to better develop and understand the pathway for overall athlete and skier development.

Snow Stars is a seven steps skill development guide, reference material, coach education and evaluation resources, and an assessment tool for alpine skiers. The success of this program is leveraged through its role as an accessible education and planning guide for alpine coaches and families. Snow Stars was originally created in 2001 in partnership with the Provincial Sport Organizations (P.S.O.) and the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (C.S.C.F.) as the foundation of Alpine Canada Alpin’s (A.C.A.) national development system. Snow Stars has maintained relevance through ongoing content revision and is currently being reviewed and updated for modernization. Project 2019-

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