Tons of U16 and U18 gear (Willing to donate to club)

January 15, 2021

I’m leaving town and need to get rid of a ton of equipment quick. All the equipment is in race condition, but a bit dated. Willing to donate to a ski club, if they’re willing to take all of it. I’ve got 2 pairs of 175 GS skis (R=23m), 1 pair of 183 GS skis (R=23m), 1 pair of 191 GS skis (R=27m), 1 pair of 190 GS skis (35 m), 1 pair of 165 SL skis (R=12m), 1 pair of Nordica 150 flex boots, 1 pair of atomic 90 flex boots, 1 small stealth, 1 large back protector. Message me if interested!

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