May 8, 2020

May 7, 2020 – Canmore, AB (Alberta Alpine) – Every year Alberta Alpine looks forward to recognizing our athletes for their hard work and commitment to excellence, on and off the track. The lessons learned in alpine skiing go well beyond good racing technique; athletes learn discipline that enables them to excel at school, despite demanding training, racing, travel and dryland schedules. While our season was cut short, we want to recognize athletes for their commitment to excellence on the race track while excelling in the classroom.

After an extensive deliberation process from a highly competitive pool of applicants, the Alberta Alpine scholarship committee has selected the following scholarship recipients for the 2019/20 season:

Rob Bosinger Scholarships: Polly Lang (KASC) & Caleb Brooks (LLSC)

Dave Murray Scholarship: Sage Stefani (Evolve SX)

Brent Marshall Scholarship: Jessie Ferguson (BAR)

Franklin Donald Bean Scholarship: Devin Mittertreiner (AST)

Ski Canada Awards: Luc Decelles (Paskapoo) & Sara Paradis (CARC)

The Abby Award: Hayden Kluge (Mount Allen) & TJ Macfarlane (SkiMeisters)


The Cary Mullen Character Awards
Former racer, Cary Mullen, donates trophies each year to be awarded to athletes who display the qualities of a true champion in their ski racing pursuits. He defines the qualities as: Courage, Commitment, Confidence and Camaraderie. He was inspired by an award like this one when he was a young athlete and believe that we should recognize the efforts of athletes as they strive to be the best. Nominations come from coaches and fellow teammates; we have included some of their kind words below.

This year’s deserving recipients are as follows:

  • Evelyn Smith (NASA) – U12: “Evelyn is committed to being an exceptional and well-rounded individual on and off the hill. Not only does she compete in Alpine skiing as a consistent top 10 finisher but also pursues basketball, a sport that overlaps the alpine schedule. Evelyn is also incredibly academically inclined, she has skipped a grade and continues to be a strong student among her older peers. I understand that these successes are a testament to her hard work ethic, commitment and time management skills rather than being a gifted individual and from what I have witnessed I would confirm that to be accurate. I’m confident Evelyn will be successful in whichever path she chooses to pursue.”


  • Samuel Magee-Dumoulin (LLSC) – U12: “Courage comes from a place from within and no matter what another person says or how they try to motivate you, courage ultimately must come from the individual who is facing the challenge. Samuel chose to meet this challenge head on and by being confident with himself, committed to the sport, he found the courage to continue. This story isn’t about over coming great adversity such as injury or being the rising star, but it is about finding the courage within and to believe in yourself when faced with an upward battle. The lessons Samuel learned and how he handled himself during the competition and more importantly after the race with his fellow competitors and teammates are the attributes in the “4 C’s” of the Cary Mullen award.”


  • Gaston Ducharme (Cold Lake Kinosoo Blizzards) – U14: “Gaston is not always the one on top of the podium, yet that does not deter him. He will train until we make him leave, or until he physically cannot train any longer. His determination to compete is present every time he races against athletes that have been racing for far longer than him, as he will compete fiercely regardless of that fact. The younger kids in the club look up to Gaston and can tell how hard he works. As a coach I can see the effect he has on them, and the increased confidence he inspires. As a teammate Gaston is quieter than some, but will cheer loud when it really matters, or give an uplifting gesture to others when he sees they need it.”


  • Keira Leveille (BAR) – U14: “Although Keira is quiet by nature and only joined our club at the beginning of the 2018 – 19 season I consider her a leader on our team of U 14 athletes. She is supportive of her team mates, embraces the principles of Fair Play, and has a real passion for ski racing. Keira leads by example and her words and actions over the last two seasons have resulted in her being held in high esteem by her teammates. She is a steadying influence on our team and has certainly done her bit to build camaraderie amongst the group.”


  • Will Donohoe (BAR) – U14: “Will amply demonstrates the attributes of courage, commitment, confidence, and camaraderie that the award recognizes. He is a very dedicated athlete who is always ready to train. By this I mean that his ski equipment is well prepared and that he is mentally and physically prepared to get the most from his training day. This type of commitment is seldom seen on a day in – day out basis with U 14 athletes. Although Will is quiet by nature I consider him a leader on our team of U 14 athletes. He is supportive of his team mates, embraces the principles of Fair Play, and has a real passion for ski racing. Will’s leadership is one of the key factors in our large U14 group being as cohesive as it is and he has certainly helped build camaraderie amongst his teammates.”


  • Skylar Shepherd (Jasper Ski Club) – U16: “Skylar is a great ambassador for the sport of ski racing, and is fully aware and grateful of the efforts put forth from parents, volunteers and coaches. As a competitor, she is a very appreciative and humble winner, and also a gracious loser, always helping with required slip crews and teardown regardless of her results. She is genuinely compassionate and is a trusted and loyal friend to all of her teammates and is the first to console them if they have had a tough day. Skylar is a mature and confident young athlete, who is a compassionate and loyal teammate. She is always a team player and has gained confidence, learned valuable life skills, and made life-long friends through the sport of skiing!”


  • Ashleigh Alexander (AST): “Ashleigh does not always find herself standing on top of the podium, though she is very capable of getting there, but it is her interaction with younger athletes that is so admirable and deserving of this recognition. The old expression, “If I had a dime for every time…” comes to mind, because if I had a dime for every compliment I have received from parents, coaches, and race officials, for the time and genuine interest Ashleigh takes in younger athletes, from U14, U16, and club FIS teams, I could start my own scholarship program!”

Ashleigh Alexander of the Alberta Ski Team

Congratulations to all of the recipients! For full details of the scholarship program and award descriptions please click here.

About the Awards

The Marshall family established this scholarship in memory of Brent, their son and brother who passed away from cancer. Brent was an avid skier and a member of the Mount Norquay Racing Team, now the Calgary Alpine Racing Club. This scholarship is available to athletes pursuing excellence in ski racing and education. The scholarship is open to U16 and U19 athletes.

Recipients are asked to forward a thank you letter before funds are released by Alberta Alpine.

This award was established in memory of Crazy Canuck Dave Murray and is available for an Alberta U19 or U21 athlete working towards becoming a member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team.

The scholarship is in memory of Rob Bosinger, a coach and mentor of U16 skiers over the years, who died suddenly of cardiac arrhythmia on May 20, 2005. Funds are raised each year during the Head to Head Race Series. Two Rob Bosinger Ski Scholarships are awarded each year to assist in meeting the costs of ski racing: one to a talented young male ski racer and one to a talented young female ski racer. The winners of the scholarships will be U16 ski racers who exemplify the qualities that Rob stood for: passion for the sport, ambition and courage, combined with talent and accomplishment, in pursuit of excellence in ski racing in Alberta.

At many levels, the Read Family has experienced the determination, focus, and dedication required to compete at the Provincial Ski Team level, with the aspiration of one-day representing Alberta and Canada in international competition. The Dee Read Memorial Scholarship will be awarded each season to an athlete competing on the Alberta Ski Team with the goal of competing for the Canadian Alpine Ski Team. This scholarship is intended to provide support to those athletes who demonstrate the determination and dedication to aim for the highest level, and who serve as a good role model to younger athletes at the ski club level who are aiming to one day represent Canada. The Read Family Scholarship is available to any athlete named to the Alberta Ski Team and who has shown commitment to qualifying for the Canadian Alpine Ski Team in any combination of alpine disciplines. Application deadline is June 1 annually.

About the Dee Read Memorial Scholarship
Since 1988 the Read Family Scholarships have supported young athletes who show both a passion for the sport and who aspire to represent Canada at the highest level. Dee Read was a Canadian Champion as an athlete (1948 Downhill and Combined) and went on to be a coach, volunteer, official and a dedicated ski racing parent. She was a ground-breaking leader as one of the first female FIS Technical Delegates and served as the Chair of Alberta Alpine and the Board of Alpine Canada. Her commitment reached far beyond her family to influence athletes, parents, coaches and sport administrators right across Canada, who benefited from her knowledge, generosity and warm spirit in lending a firm but insightful hand as a sport leader in Alberta and Canada. In 2001, Dee Read was inducted into the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame as a sport builder. To Dee, it was always about supporting athletes.

This award is designated for U14 & U16 aged athletes with the potential to rise to the top of ski racing in Canada. The award is distributed by the Ski Canada Fund, a pool of funds accumulated through commissions paid on the use of the Bank of Montreal Master Card. It is awarded to one male and one female athlete each year.

This award is presented annually to a male member of the Alberta Ski Team who displays an attitude of sportsmanship and competitiveness and demonstrates a keen desire to become a member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team.

A message from Dave & Jessie Wunch regarding the Abby Award
The Abby award is a memorial award for a girl who loved the sport. She was kind, compassionate, always smiling, happy and loved skiing! The recipients of the award emanate this attitude, and attributions. With this year’s quick end of the ski season we had only a couple responses from recipients which we had the privilege to deliver the Award to. Hayden Kluge from Mount Allen ski team and TJ Macfarlane from SkiMeisters ski team. Congratulations to each for being amazing kids with great attitudes! Our hope is that the clubs across Canada who have received the award package will be able to present the award after we resume life as usual!

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