December 17, 2019

Swix Cera NovaX High Velocity Cera Liquid Top Coat 

Watch this great video to guide you through the steps to apply our “HVC” top coat with ease! 

“HVC” comes either in a warm +100 C to -20 C and cold +20 C to -150 C. This product comes in a container that is very easy to apply with the felt applicator. A quick pre-brush before applying is required, apply, let set and buff. The skis are now 100% race ready! Apply before 1st and 2nd runs!  

Remember this is a top coat only and is applied as a accelerator and works in harmony with your chosen race wax!

Here are the items needed or suggested for this process:

  • Brushes:
    • T0194B Stiff Nylon Brush Rectangle
    • T01940 Stiff Nylon Oval Brush
  • HVC:
    • SWFC65L HVC 2.0 Cold
    • SWFC85L HVC 2.0 Warm
  • Buffing:
    • SWT0151 Fiberlene Cleaning Paper 20m
    • T0266 Fibertex X-Fine White

-Mitch Conner


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