November 28, 2019

Swix Cera NovaX High Performance Liquid Glide Wax



The video says it all!  This line of liquid waxes addresses a quick and effective way for one to increase glide performance in a mere 15 minutes.  The race day would play out like this:

  • Warm up on your ski
  • 20 minutes before the start of your first run brush out the ski with a one of the two options below:
    • T0194B Stiff Nylon Brush Rectangle
    • T01940 Stiff Nylon Oval Brush
  • Spray on the liquid wax of choice:
    • CH6 Blue for air temp -4o to -12o
    • CH7 Violet for air temp -2o to -7o
    • CH8 Red for air temp -4o to +4o
    • CH10 Yellow for air temp +2o to +10o
  • Let sit for 15 minutes and brush with one of the following two options below:
    • T016OB Fine Blue Nylon Brush Rectangle
    • T01600 Fine Blue Nylon Brush Oval
  • Buff the ski base like you are shinning a shoe! You really want the base to pop!  For this we use:
    • T0266 Fibertex X-Fine White


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