November 14, 2019

Pre Wax – Before you Wax

The video below really tells you all you need to know.  There are certain steps you need to take after you tune the edges and before you wax.  The brushing program is the key for your skis to glide to full potential.  My last newsletter gave clear product explanation.  This newsletter is video demonstration.  I will breakdown waxes in the next newsletter.

Waxing the Skis – Technique

Another video of to show you how to wax properly.  A few points to make sure this process is done right:

  • The iron temperature is set to the Swix specs.  On every case of wax we sell there is a icon of an iron with the proper temps to set your iron to.
  • Yes irons haver temperature settings for our waxes.
  • Keep your work area ventilated.
  • Keep work area clean as a clean wax room is a fast wax room!

Next Up; Wax and Wax Selection


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